You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

To begin with…Albania – “Suus”

Why do I enjoy Albanian entries in ESC?

Because the usually send non-commercial spectacular songs and voices. Because I respect them for at least selecting from songs performed in their native language that they improve for the final competition. I still feel Albania should have been last year in the final, top 10, at least. I wasn’t. And they sang it in English.

I’d like them not to change the language because it’s certainly NOT about it and so maybe they will teach a lesson to the other countries (I’m not an optimistic guy, however).

Rona Nishliu is simply great! She has a memorable look, a beautiful voice and a lot of talent. Some say she… is not a supermodel. Observe that when she enters Eurovision Silicone-Filled Unearthly Beautiful Bimbos Contest.

Why do they say she screams? Come on! Just because she is doesn’t perform a pop song or what?! That is not screaming, people. That is dramatic goose-bumps giving performance. Check for yourselves.

They will change it, of course. At least, they are forced to shorten it. In my opinion, for the orchestral part they should add a pinch more of cellos and drums. It would be perfect to have a symphonic-rock sound.


My rating:  12/12


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