You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

Best choice Iceland!

In a previous post I stated:

There are neither outstanding songs nor performances in this Final, but I suppose Iceland should send Greta Salóme and Jónsi if they want to stand a chance for a qualification. However, if they find an association between the entry or the performers and one of their dear beloved dead relatives or friends, it might melt again some European hearts.

I was not completely right. The song Iceland selected to represent them is better than not outstanding.

I loved it from start but in a strange way. The song itself is strange and it has a Pirates of the Caribbean flavour. I am sure it will grow on me and it has great potential if related to a dramatic, spectacular, non-flashy show.  I believe it was the only song that could appeal to the Europeans, the others, while not crappy, being rather dull. Outside Eurovision, it’s great, I might add it to my ipod. But as far as the contest I am so crazy about is concerned, for now

My rating: 8/12


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