You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

Norway goes Oriental

And GOOD for them!


I cannot remember when was the last time I was this nervous. Tooji, the winner (yey!), was given the last ticket along with good songs, none from my top 3. At first I thought there must be something wrong with the audience and the ones who voted, or the lines… but thank God it wasn’t!

As you can see here, this poll only reflected the winner, not even remotely close the voting.

Tooji’s song, both my personal favourite and Norway’s, is a mix-up of Euro-pop and Arabic bit!  How this will rock in Azerbaijan! I rephrase: how this will rock Azerbaijan!!!  Everytime I hear him performing live I find it’s interpretation more natural and pristine. I also expect a great show from him and his dancers; how could’t I?  have you seen them on stage?! They are spectacular. And hopefully they will present themselves with and out-of-this-world performance in the Second Semifinal.

You don’t need luck, Tooji, you have yourself.

My rating: 12/12

In the end, I’d like to congratulate my second favourite that evening, Reidun. It was a marvelous performance! All in all, the 10 selected competitors were good and memorable.


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