You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

Pff… Hungary blew it

I didn’t watch the Hungarian National Final because…

I found it uninteresting and there were better shows with better contestants I could watch. As a result, I couldn’t refer to the winner as a good choice. I didn’t even had a favourite, I can only say I enjoyed a little Gabi Toth’s song, but I wouldn’t have offered my support to her either.

Down is the song I talk about, one that I find annoying and, as a result, the worst by now. I am sad because Hungary used to send great songs, like Nox’s, Candlelight and What about my life, which were awesome, songs I would’ve loved to win. A Dal was probably not the best selection way…

If only this years A Dal was an amazing heavy metal song from one of the great bands in Hungary…

My rating: 1/12

So sorry.


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