You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

Germany, why not a more obvious Standing Scared?

For those knowing some Eurovision history, this has to be one of the funniest titles.

Standing Still after Running Scared? WTF (of course, Within Temptation Forever).

This song is not my genre, and despite the Danish one which is not either, I find the German one rather annoying, even though his voice is pretty good.

Still laughing…

This reminds me of two song that consecutively won, Molitva and Believe which were linked due to the spiritual theme.

But this is so much more hilarious. When you add the fact that they are prety similar too… Please, Germany, stop, I’m gonna wet myself =))=))=)) if this was a duet in which the girl could have been his mother… =))=))=)) the trophy would have gone to Germany for the 3rd time. I’m sorry for the over-subjectivity, but there aren’t many occasions to mock a little an entry which is still decent, compared to the Ukrainian atrocity. I am a mean, mean blogger. Ban me in Ukraine 😀

So, not one of my favourite entries this year

My rating: 4/12


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