You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

How could you, Ukraine?! :|

What the hell? Are you out of your mind?

You had so many decent songs you could have chose and you went with this **** ? Are you out your mind?

I won’t comment it much, you can listen to it here.



What’s this? The f*****-up Ukrainian version of Haba Haba? I hope you will end up just like the Norwegian entry that inspired this awful awful awful song. I am so pissed because there were so many great choices, not only the one I enjoyed the most which ended up second, third and fourth…  And you come up with “Be my guest by Gaitana? Why, because of all the other contestants she had less clothes?


My rating: 0/12  (when I thought a worse than the Hungary’s entry was highly unlikely… this is a good opportunity to add the null point option in the poll)


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