You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

Ljubljana, here we come in 2013

Finally! Over the last few weeks I thought all the countries decided to break my heart.  Slovenia, here I come, I want to be a citizen  of thou! Slovenia hardly chose  bad entries. They might even have the highest rank in my top countries in Eurovision; not sure, gotta check. I still remember the most outstanding was of course in 2007 (unequaled even by Malena 2 years later). Such a shame they are always underrated.

But is this your year?

There are no words for this song. When the song is bad, you are pissed because you think they mock you and you find all sorts of phrases 😀 (I know, I’m still wainting to be banned in one of my neighbour countries). On the other hand, when you are full of admiration for something, the vocabulary is not that rich. I share this opinion with some of my friends and we found a word to describe the supreme awesomeness : aaargh !


Early this evening I commented on Facebook:  Stop the other National Selections now, we have a winner: SLOVENIA ♥ (I got 9 likes in “about an hour” :)) ) I truly believe this. I don’t have high expectations from many countries but I believe is Sweden sends Loreen – an aaargh revelation as well – one of these 2 might get the trophy, if the voting is not directed to another oil rich country. I heard the song is composed by the same guy who composed Molitva. Aaargh job, man!

My rating: 12/12  (I mean 13/12, my absolute favourite by now)


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