You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

The Netherlands goes Roger Pontare

And I wonder why it’s a total failure. Maybe because Joan is hilarious in that outfit… and not in a positive way. Off with it NOW!

The song is too American for my taste and I’m not very fond of it!  I don’t dislike it, there are others that have the honour to disgust me. It’s a great shame because she has a very distinctive voice, but the song ruins most of her chances to appeal to my inner Native American.

What’s with the taste for something Swedish tonight? After the Swedish Finnish song, now they went Roger Pontare 🙂 Not bad. But not a winner…

Isn’t it the second song with that name, You and me? Or it was You and I? Whatever the name was, I give this the same number of points as the (semi-)homonymous entry:

My rating: 5/12 (mostly for her voice)


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