You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

The Swedish Finnish entry

I like Pernilla Karlson; she sings nicely and flawlessly enough, has a warm voice and a smashingly  beautiful look. Off-topic, she reminds me of Dalma Kovacs, a brilliant Romanian singer. Pernilla’s song was the only one that had my support in the Finnish National Selection, but there’s nothing special about it but the cellos I’d love to be emphasized.

I personally love Swedish language, but now I can only imagine o more closed block voting from the Northern countries. However, if this makes them give less points to countries like Ukraine, Georgia, Israel or even Ireland, I am anything but sad 🙂 .

If only this had a climax (at least a more obvious one…). Don’t know. But it’s better than, let’s say the ballad Belarus first sent.So,

My rating : 7/12


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