You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

“Per sempre” it is… not any more!

The comments regarding the former Italian song are the following; I won’t delete them because who knows? What if they change it back?! I;m sick of all these changes..

It was like a bad joke for me when Italy didn’t pick Emma for Baku. It simply didn’t matter who they went with, I was appalled it wasn’t Emma.Nina Zilli had a nice entry in Sanremo but it hadn’t appealed to me very much.

The thing is all that changed. I learned to love so much “Per sempre”, that I wanted it to remain the song Nina would perform in the Final. And RAI decided not to change it. Neat!

It’s way better than any of the other entries from the Big Five, better than any song Spain might choose and I might add (it’s just a prediction) better than any piece UK might come up with. This goes straight to my top favourite 3-4 entries.

I heard they want to translate it in English. Please, don’t! My rating is 12/12!

Well, nothing changed, fortunately. The new entry is also great and my rating remains the same, as well as all the comments regarding in general the Italian entry in Eurovision. I feel like “Per sempre” was better and might have had bigger chances of winning. But this might appeal to more sensible Italian-speaking women… and to me :))

Convention: If they change it for any other song from her newest album, my comments are the same, just in case. Amazing album, maybe I’ll be able to find it Romania too.

My rating: Bum-Bum-Bum 12/12, of course!


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