You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

Please, go my way !

I figured, as we are near the end of the national selections, I should say something about two countries that are to elect their representatives on the 10th of March. My own, Romania, and my dearest as far as the Eurovision (and many many many other aspects) is concerned, Sweden.

To begin with, it’s not the best year for Romania, but there would be four interesting entries that might be successful in Baku. The rest of them are just huge/not-so-huge disappointments. Until I hear the live performances, this is my wishlist:

1. T&L – “Twilight”

2. Ana Mardare – “This must be love”

3. Mandinga – “Zaleilah”

4. Electric Fence – “Sun-ta”

Here you can check on the other participants

Sweden…Unless you choose Loreen, I shall have a heart attack! She has the most perfect outstandingly magical flawlessly performed entry we’ve seen in the last…era? So, my first, second, third… choice would be:

1. Loreen – “Euphoria”

2. Dead by April – “Mystery”

3. Danny – “Amazing”

4. Lisa Miskovski – “Why start a fire”

5. David Lingren – “Shout it out”

6. Molly Sanden – “Why Am I Crying”

7. Top Cats – “Baby Doll”


The entries I mentioned above are the ones that can easily complete my top 10 in the final, but only Loreen’s can bring the trophy to Stockholm. Sweden, don’t blow it!  Loreen to Baku.


The same night, Moldova will choose it’s representative and Serbia will make public the one of the most awaited songs in Eurovision 2012, which will be composed and performed by Zeljko Joksimovic.


PS: Loreen to Baku!

PPS: Loreen to Baku!



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