You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

The most Portuguese Spanish Romanian entry ever

I believe Romania will have a more Portuguese entry than the Portuguese entry.

In the end, I liked better Electric Fence; for the first time I agreed with the jury. Or the second time, I remember the jury would have sent Biondo to Belgrad in 2008. T&L disappointed me, but Ana Mardare’s “This must be love” was nice. I wonder why so little votes…

Nice Russian-like intro moment with the drums:D

Well, this is too summer hit for the show, and their live performance is not so good. They will have so many strong competitors in int first semifinal in Baku, that I doubt they will pass in the Final. And I do not want this to happen very much. God, I hate that Spain, Italy and Moldova vote in the same semifinal and shall give them a lot of points just because there are so many Romanians there. I suppose the jury vote will reflect better the value in May.

My rating: 8/12


One response

  1. Al3xander

    the song is simply the best I have heard…
    By the way: I don’t like your opinion…;)

    May 22, 2012 at 9:37 pm

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