You're crazy if you're not crazy about Eurovision

Some Moldavian bull****

Despite the fact that the interest for the Moldavian Final seemed even bigger than for Melodifestivalen, I found nothing worth talking but Transbalkanika’s entry which was, however, performed with a horrible accent. But the Bregovic-like song was pretty damn good.

But they sent Pasha Parfeny with a bizarre song, Lautar.

The crossover between .. something and the folklore sounds here awful. His voice hurts my ears and I find the whole performance mediocre and so overrated on forums all over the internet. Come on, there are masterpieces to adore in Eurovision, not this entry which should stay in the semifinal.I’d recommend Moldova stayed home.

So, not my cup of tea. The chorus reminds me of “I love you baby” by Diana Ross. Little plagiarism? Coincidence? Am I crazy :)) ?

My rating: 1/12  traaaaash


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