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The final predictions on Crazyescfan

Hi there, with just a couple of hours before the first part of our favourite contest.

I have checked on the results of the individual polls and the final poll…and made a table containing my personal top 26 too. We shall see which one is closer to the real result from Saturday night.

Position My personal opinion Individual polls result Final poll result Actual results Position
1 Sweden Turkey UK God, let it be Sweden! 1
2 Macedonia Serbia Serbia 2
3 Italy Bosnia Bosnia 3
4 Norway Italy Sweden 4
5 Albania UK Cyprus 5
6 Serbia Romania Croatia 6
7 Latvia Sweden Greece 7
8 Spain Iceland Macedonia 8
9 Slovenia Bulgaria Italy 9
10 Denmark Spain Slovenia 10
11 UK Netherlands Romania 11
12 Iceland Slovenia Spain 12
13 Estonia Greece Iceland 13
14 Portugal Cyprus Norway 14
15 Netherlands Macedonia Russia 15
16 Turkey Estonia France 16
17 Switzerland Azerbaijan Denmark 17
18 Austria Germany Montenegro 18
19 Israel Croatia Germany 19
20 France Moldova Turkey 20
21 Azerbaijan Latvia Estonia 21
22 Cyprus Denmark Netherlands 22
23 Greece Albania Albania 23
24 Bosnia Finland Azerbaijan 24
25 Finland Switzertland Israel 25
26 Germany France Switzerland 26

Eurovision Final Poll!

I won’t post any Semifinal poll. A few days before the Contest begins I will calculate the rating each song has according to your votes given in the individual polls you find by clicking on each flag on the right sidebar and shall do a top 10 for each semi.

Soon I shall post my top 10-12-15 – we’ll see, I love a lot of songs – but before that, I ask you to vote your 5 (or 4,3,2,1) favourites to win Eurovision Song Contest 2012.  Besides my top, I will post a brief comment for every entry in the 57th edition of our favourite song contest!

UK was lucky enogh with Sir Engelbert Humperdinck

An entry I would enjoy was the last think I expected from UK this year. The melody itself is a jewel with a strong Mediterranean flavour which appealed to me from the first second. On the other hand, his performance seems a bit of a cliche dating back in the `60s.

I’m afraid we’ll have London 2013.I myself should find this a place in my top 10.

My rating: 12/12

Another typical Belgian entry

I’ve seen her performing both songs and even though she has a very good voice,  I liked none. Just like their last previous songs.

I doubt I’ll have her in my top 10 from the first semifinal…  Where are the 2004-like Belgian songs? I think that was the last memorable entry coming from them. Oh, O Julissi too, which was kinda funny!

My rating: 5/12

When the music dies in the Land of Fire

There’s only one thing I can say for sure about the Azeri song: miles better than their last entry; however, that was so bad, it is pretty hard to think “When the music dies” ends up somewhere in the first half of the final. Actually, I’m not sure they should. I’m eager to see her performing it live, but as I know she has a great voice, I feel I could like it.

The song has Swedish composers but all I can say it has drawn my attention (after her flawless voice) was the traditional Azeri rhythm. PS: if this was in one of the semifinal, I would have certainly wanted it in the Final.

My rating: 8/12


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