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Switzerland ~ Heilsamee – You and Me




Another typical Belgian entry

I’ve seen her performing both songs and even though she has a very good voice,  I liked none. Just like their last previous songs.

I doubt I’ll have her in my top 10 from the first semifinal…  Where are the 2004-like Belgian songs? I think that was the last memorable entry coming from them. Oh, O Julissi too, which was kinda funny!

My rating: 5/12

Charming Portuguese “cancao”

Portugal has had an surprisingly charming and enjoyable final, every song having pregnant ethnic influences. They decided to send Filipa Sousa with Vida Minha, a nice ballad with a subtle climax, which gives you the impression there’s something more behind the music and the lyrics. Isn’t it this what Andrej Babic always does with his masterpieces?

Comparing to other Portuguese entries, it light years better. I would say this is the second best song chosen by Portugal in the last decade. I would’ve given it 12 points but there are already a bunch of amazing songs and I must decide which I find the most suitable for winning; this, however, is not among my first choices.  So,

My rating: 10/12

No threat from Russia

They’re adorable. But come on!


давай  ( I hope this is the right translation – from Google)

I’m not fond of  the song and I can guarantee I won’t be; ever!  The fact that you enjoy the performance (visually) does not make Russia a potential competitor for top 10 or 5-6 “where all the joke songs end up” like everyone says.

If only they were only part of the interval act of the 2009 edition…

For the group 12 points but for the entry, kinda nothing. However,

My rating: 5/12

Appealing to your inner little pervert, with love from Austria

I don’t want to enjoy this too much. The beat is catchy though…

So, I am not familiar with the other Austrian songs, but let’s suppose this won because it appealed to most of the televoters (and juries? did they have such thing?) as it was the most suitable for ESC this year. Logically, there’s a question: HOW MANY AUSTRIANS ARE PERVERTS?

This performance (lyrics+show) is on the verge of outrageousness (does this word even exists? in an illustrated dictionary, one photo of this entry should be added)

I’m not proud to say I don’t hate it. It’s a little hilarious, but we should all admit it’s a pamphlet and should be treated as such.

Much catchier and more well performed than the Irish entry…but with those terrible lyrics… tough choice:

My rating: 4 points