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Belgium ~ Roberto Bellarosa – Love Kills




Switzerland ~ Heilsamee – You and Me



Another typical Belgian entry

I’ve seen her performing both songs and even though she has a very good voice,  I liked none. Just like their last previous songs.

I doubt I’ll have her in my top 10 from the first semifinal…  Where are the 2004-like Belgian songs? I think that was the last memorable entry coming from them. Oh, O Julissi too, which was kinda funny!

My rating: 5/12

When the music dies in the Land of Fire

There’s only one thing I can say for sure about the Azeri song: miles better than their last entry; however, that was so bad, it is pretty hard to think “When the music dies” ends up somewhere in the first half of the final. Actually, I’m not sure they should. I’m eager to see her performing it live, but as I know she has a great voice, I feel I could like it.

The song has Swedish composers but all I can say it has drawn my attention (after her flawless voice) was the traditional Azeri rhythm. PS: if this was in one of the semifinal, I would have certainly wanted it in the Final.

My rating: 8/12


Pure subtle Balkan magic

Awesome is a too rough word to describe this song! Pure subtle Balkan magic might fit better.



Don’t you love the small bursts of energy here and there? I don’t know what to say more so as not to spoil the magic of the song. Just that it worth the waiting.

My rating: 12/12